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Vacation to remember

Tri vrbe apartment complex is located in Ljubovija and offers a garden, a private area on the beach and equipment for preparing a barbecue. Accommodation is air-conditioned and guests have free WiFi and private parking within the facility.

This apartment overlooks the river and has a paved courtyard, one bedroom and a living room. It also contains a flat-screen TV with cable channels, an equipped kitchen and one bathroom with a shower.

Guests of the apartment have a terrace for sunbathing. If you want to explore this area, the surroundings are suitable for cycling and fishing, while the offer of the Tri Vrbe facility includes a bicycle rental service.

Tourist attractions near the apartment:

 - Monastery of St. Nikolaj Srpski is located below Soko town, and is dedicated to the Holy Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović.

- Bobija is the mountain beauty of the Azbukovica area. It abounds with strong and cold sources of drinking water at high altitudes. Due to the dynamism of the relief, plant and animal life, marked trails, the terrains are perfect for hiking.

- Trešnjica Canyon is a natural asset of exceptional importance. It is under the protection of the state in order to preserve the habitat of the natural rarity, the griffon vulture. In the river Trešnjica, a rare species of fish spawns - young fish.

-- The Roman bridge originates from the Roman period, and it got its current look during the Turkish era.

- On Mačkov kamen there is a memorial ossuary of exceptional importance, where the remains of fallen soldiers from the First World War are kept.

- The Lokva panoramic viewpoint is located in Drlače. With the help of panoramic binoculars, you can observe the beauty of the Drina, the villages and hamlets cascading down to its shore, as well as the beauty of the Trešnjica River, where the rare and endangered species of griffon vulture lives.

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